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Bombay Indie Rock Band Amsterdam

Indie Rock Band Amsterdam


With their long-awaited sophomore album pending for release, indie rock deviants Bombay have established a candid voice to call their own. The band's eclectic garage pop debut Vulture / Provider (Kytopia) remains a bold testament to the all-out inventiveness of Mathias Janmaat and Linda van Leeuwen. In turn, Bombay's new material brings about a refined concoction of hazy lo-fi production and dense nineties rock aesthetics. This resolute shift in direction merits a name change: Bombay Show Pig is now simply Bombay.

In the process, Bombay's exuberant live shows continue to garner notoriety across the globe, captivating audiences in small clubs and larger venues alike. Their wanderlust has been rewarded with slots at Best Kept Secret (The Netherlands), Dour (Belgium), SXSW (US), The Great Escape (UK) and Oppikoppi (South Africa). With bass player Gijs Loots recently joining Janmaat and Van Leeuwen, Bombay have become an even more dynamic stage spectacle than before.



Photo by: Morgan Belenguer